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  • About Advanced Aquarium

    With over 30 years in the business, we have the experience needed to be experts at both residential and commercial aquarium services. We offer water testing, algae removal, full equipment checks, water changes as necessary, and delivery of livestock. We only buy the best livestock in the industry. Additionally, we offer only the best live and frozen foods available for your animals; some of our food is specially developed and only available through Advanced Aquarium.


    Servicing Minneapolis, St.Paul, and surrounding suburbs for over 30 years.

    Whether you need services for the aquarium in your office, or for your full-sized fish hatchery, Advanced Aquarium has the experience and know-how you need. We have worked on everything from major fish hatcheries to a stock 55 freshwater. You may have seen our work around town or nationally:

    • Spirit Lake Hatchery, Iowa 2007
    • Dido Music Video, 2006
    • Marvin Windows National print ad, 2002
    • Dayton’s Aquatennial Display, 1999 & 2000
      (3,000-gallon marine display)
    • Abbott Northwestern Hospital 
      (25-year service provider)

  • Passion Runs Deep

    When it comes to your aquarium, you don’t want to trust it to just anyone. Turn to the professionals at Advanced Aquarium. We understand that aquarium service is proactive, and we pride ourselves on preventing problems before they start. Our employees are honest, professional, and knowledgeable, and we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured—everything you would expect from an expert.

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    600GL Salt

    Custom built by Brian Broughten, owner Advanced Aquarium Inc

  • Clear Vision of Excellence

    a video tour of our love for what we do

  • We are full service.

    We make aquarium ownership easy.

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    Marine Fish

    Hand selected, tank raised, best specimens available.

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    Creative custom solutions, or the perfect standard aquarium all built to your specifications.

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    Our expertise will assure you see the bright beauty of your sea life

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    It's all we do. So you know we are passionate about your project.

  • How we got our start

    Humble Beginnings. Quality Products.

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    We had our humble beginnings as a retail store several decades ago, back when we were called Saltwater Specialists. From that time, we set a precedent as the only marine-only retailer in the 5-state area.

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    We began customizing standard glass tanks manufactured by Aqueon and Oceanic, offering custom drilling and overflows even before the manufacturers.

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    This process evolved into building the entire system from the ground up, and Advanced Aquarium was officially launched. The retail store was closed, allowing us to focus 100% on what we do best—designing, building, and maintaining custom systems.

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    Some prebuilt items you may find fit your needs.

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    55GL water holding reservoir

    Complete RTG

    HDPE 55GL water holding tank complete with float switch, heater, and powerhead for recirculation. $50

  • Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

    Hello Fish People!



    Water Changes


    Welcome to the first installment of Advanced Aquariums blog series! Today's blog will be detailing the best method and transporting undesirable elements out of the aquarium (even though it may not be everyone's favorite), water changes.


    So what exactly are water changes?


    Water changes are the best way to reduce unwanted nutrients in the aquarium. These nutrients usually are nitrate, and phosphate which both contribute greatly to algae growth. Whether it be fresh or salt water, simply changing a percentage of the aquarium's water will remove a portion of these unwanted nutrients. As an added benefit, the water change will also replace minerals and trace elements lost by natural biological processes back to the aquarium.


    How do you do a water change?


    The easiest way to perform a water change would be to gather a bucket, a length of soft hose, and a gravel vacuum. Using the length of soft hose, you'll begin by draining water from the aquarium into the bucket. While draining the tank, a gravel vacuum on the end of the hose would help remove built up detritus and gunk from the gravel or sand. Larger aquariums that are 50 gallons or more might require a larger bucket to drain into, or else with a smaller bucket you'll need to keep emptying it!


    After the desired amount of water has been drained, you'll simply need to refill the tank. This will depend on the kind of aquarium you have. If you are running a saltwater tank, you will need to add a salt mix like Instant Ocean, Red Sea Coral Pro, or Reef Crystals to freshwater to create high quality saltwater. If you have a freshwater aquarium, you may be able to get away with just filling the aquarium back up with dechlorinated tap water. By far a best practice however would be to utilize a reverse osmosis deionization filtration system for making high quality water for both fresh and saltwater aquaria. These systems remove 98% or more of the total dissolved solids and ions in the water. This will ensure you are using the best water possible to start with.


    How much water do I change?


    To be honest, this is a really difficult question to answer. Everyone's tank will be somewhat different. A good rule of thumb to go by would be 30% of your aquariums volume changed every month. This can be accomplished by two 15% water changes in a month, a single 30% change monthly, or even 1% every day for 30 days! These are strictly guidelines however, since simply monitoring your aquariums health will tell you most when it needs new water.


    How can Advanced Aquarium help me?


    Advanced Aquarium specializes in “Major Cleans”. This is when we come to your aquarium via a scheduled visit and do a very thorough water change. Not only do we change your aquarium's nitrate and phosphate laden water with the purest water available, but we also clean the glass, any décor you may have, replace exhausted filter media, and even add any necessary additives. So give us a call at (612) 382-0622 to schedule a visit or consultation today!


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